Romaine Undery,
N.S.W, Australia
"Welcome to my garden. I hope you enjoy your stroll around our family garden. Gardens are certainly something to be shared. So much enjoyment can be gained from appreciating the natural world...watching the birds, smelling the flowers and simply seeing the garden change through the seasons."

Les Chemins de la Rose
Opened to the public in May 1999, Les Chemins de la Rose is a 4 hectares landscaped floral park in the heart of the Loire Valley. Its creation was motivated by the desire to respond to the expectations of visitors who came to Doué la Fontaine, the capital of rose production in France. Before the park's creation, visitors could only buy roses, not view them in a natural setting. The park is planted with nearly 1000 varieties of botanical, old, and modern roses. In all, there are more than 9000 rose bushes. Trees, bushes, perennials, clematis and its famous lotus accompany the collection and enrich the beauty of one's stroll through the garden.

Phillip Oliver,
Florence, AL USA
"Our garden is located in Florence, a town in the northwest corner of Alabama. In 1992, when Michael and I bought the house, the garden consisted of a few neglected fruit trees and a massive lawn that took half a day to mow. I had been reading everything I could about gardening and was already planning the garden in my mind before we actually moved in! We started work in the Spring of 1993 and have not stopped yet. There have been lots of mistakes along the way and many obstacles but after five years of hard work, the garden is beginning to take shape. But, of course, it is not finished yet!"

Mrs. Lee's Garden
Gladewater, Texas USA
Most people have never heard of it...yet those who have, believe it is a private paradise tucked away among the East Texas landscape. It is considered to be "the best kept secret in East Texas". Mrs. Lee's Garden is a 700-acre managed wildlife/nature reserve that goes through a dramatic transformation every February and March. Each spring the ranch becomes a golden haven of beauty. Thousands, perhaps millions of golden daffodils are scattered over some 20 acres along a four mile trail that meanders through the estate. It is a sight that leaves visitors in awe.

Last updated 04/23/2002