Wildlife At The Peaceful Habitations

Although the deer are the largest of the wildlife species, there are many other animals that enjoy the Peaceful Habitations. We call this little fellow "Ay Carrumba!" because of his extradinory antics when I startled him one night in the Rose Garden. Among his little friends are several Jack Rabbits, Possums, Armadillos, Ring Tails, numerous Song Birds, and an occasional Skunk.

For the most part, the deer are the native Hill Country white tail variety, but the magnificent axis deer are seen from time to time, and on occasions we have seen Indian Black Buck antelope that have escaped from neighboring exotic game ranches.

In 1967, the wildlife population was estimated by the State of Texas to be one deer for every two acres of land, and while the number of deer varies from year to year, there are literally hundreds of these beautiful animals living on the at the Peaceful Habitations.

In September of 1994, a beautiful pair of African Geese came to live on the Peaceful Habitations. While tragedy, in the form of a hungry fox, befell the goose several years later while she was nesting, the gander remains and comes up from the pond when I call him for his daily "handout" of corn.

Interestingly enough, the near continuous "honking" of the goose must have a slightly different sound when I bring the corn to the fence for him. I cannot fully discern the difference, but the deer certainly have become expert at it. The vocal urgings of "goose" seem to have become the de-facto dinner bell for every deer at the Peaceful Habitations. More often than not the deer hear the pleading goose and come on a dead run, arriving from as much of 1/2 mile away before I can toss the corn over the fence.

You might be concerned about the deer eating up all of the food for the goose, but "Not to worry!" The deer have learned through the "school of hard pecks", that-- "You never, never, never mess with a goose!"

Last updated 03/23/2001