Everything You Need to Know about Snails and How They Sleep

Snails are inherently fascinating creatures. They are quite small and generally not seen very often. People who enjoy being around nature or partaking in nature-friendly activities are likelier to have greater exposure to snails than individuals who prefer to remain indoors.

One of the most interesting aspects about snails pertains to their manner of sleep. More specifically, many people have found themselves wondering ‘how long do snails sleep?’ While this question once remained up for debate or in the air, the good news is that there is a clear-cut and very pragmatic answer.

How Long Do Snails Sleep?

Snails can sleep for up to three years at one time. While this fact may seem shocking or even unbelievable to certain individuals, there is a very clear explanation behind it. Amazing Fact explains that snails have a tendency to hibernate during times of extremely cold weather. As a matter of fact, such hibernation is paramount to the survival of snails.

How long do snails sleep
How long do snails sleep

The hibernation process for any snail is quite simple. In order to stay alive throughout this process, snails plant themselves into the ground; they then use their slime as a means of guarding their outer shells. Generally, snails hibernate during the coldest times and do not come out of hibernation until the weather has warmed up. While snails can remain asleep for up to three years, they can come out of hibernation before this amount of time has passed.

Of course, snails do not only sleep during times of hibernation. According to the Mother Nature Network, snails tend to sleep multiple times between stints of 13 to 15 hours. Another interesting factor regarding snails and their resting habits is that they do not often make up for sleep which they may not have gotten. Rather, snails tend to sleep and wake on their own schedule, aside from their periods of hibernation.

Additional News on Snails and Whether or Not They Experience Dreams

With the answers regarding snails, their hibernation and sleeping patterns, other questions are inevitably brought to light. For instance, many people have wondered whether or not snails have dreams while they’re sleeping. At this time, there is no research to prove that snails dream during stints of sleep and/or hibernation. However, that does not necessarily mean that snails do not dream. More information will probably come to light as scientists and other specialists continue to look into the sleeping patterns and habits of various creatures.

More on Snails, Hibernation, and Estivation

When most people think of sleeping snails, they either consider hibernation or the hours which snails rest between 13 to 15 hour periods. However, estivation (the counterpart of hibernation) is another type of sleep which snails partake in. While snail hibernation occurs during winter periods and other cold times, estivation takes place during the summer time, although it usually only occurs when the weather is terribly hot or dry.

Hibernation and estivation are critical processes to the longevity and wellness of snails
Hibernation and estivation are critical processes to the longevity and wellness of snails

As previously inferred, both hibernation and estivation are critical processes to the longevity and wellness of snails. Both types of long term rest allow for these creatures to not only protect themselves from harsh elements, but to also break from high levels of activity. Like any living creature, snails need rest in order to stay alive and well.

As a matter of fact, hibernation and estivation are the primary reasons why snails have managed to prevent extinction over the course of millions of years. In this day and age, there are many factors which contribute to the life of individual snails. Nevertheless, depending on environmental factors, sleep habits, and more, snails can live anywhere between five years and 25 years.

Snail Trivia

Although many people have wondered about how long snails sleep, there are so many other elements to the lives of these creatures. There are many types of snails in different parts of the world. Each snail develops their own habits and, similarly to other living creatures, no two are exactly the same.

While snails are not exactly the same in terms of their environments, sleeping patterns, etc, there are many general similarities which connect them as members of the same species. For instance, snails are very slow creatures. While specifics can vary according to different variables, snails generally move at a pace of 50 yards every 60 minutes.

In real time, this adds up to about 0.5 inches with each passing second. Snails are widely regarded as some of the slowest creatures on planet Earth. However, although snails may not be very fast in motion, they do move at a steady and consistent pace.

Another enthralling aspect of snails has to do with their environmental preferences. Overall, these creatures dislike brightness and sunlight. For this reason, they have a tendency to come out into the open during rainy, dark, or cloudy times. Furthermore, snails are inherently nocturnal. This is why they generally prefer to partake in their activities when it’s dark outside. If snails are exposed to sunlight or bright environments, they will cease whatever they’re doing and retreat into their shells.

These creatures dislike brightness and sunlight
These creatures dislike brightness and sunlight

Due to the sleeping habits and slow pace of snails, some people may view snails as weak creatures. However, such an assumption is simply not correct. As a matter of fact, when positioned vertically, snails are strong enough to lift up to ten times their body weight.

When most people see snails, they usually see extremely small creatures. Still, not all snails are the same size. Their documented sizes currently range between several centimeters and one foot. As previously stated, snails are not monolithic creatures.

Every creature has its kryptonite; for snails, salt serves as their kryptonite. Anyone who keeps snails as pets should always make sure that these creatures do not come into contact with salt. Put simply, their bodies are simply not able to manage physical contact with salt of any kind.

Hopefully, this explanation of snails and their sleeping patterns was informative and useful. Learning about the creatures who share this planet with us is always advantageous.

How Smells Influence Dreams Positively or Negatively

Did you know that smells can affect what you dream about? This may come as a surprise to many, but research shows that smells can influence the dreams you have. In this article, we shall briefly delve into how smells influence dreams positively or negatively.

Studies by two German scientists have confirmed that smells affect dreams. It actually makes sense when you think about it. Smells stimulates various behaviors and reactions, smells can trigger memories, influence emotion like sadness, fear or romance, food aromas can cause cravings and boost or suppress appetite, and smells can even cause sexual arousal.

Dr. Boris Stuck, a professor of otorhinolaryngology at Heidelberg University who led the study reported that they were able to stimulate people who were sleeping, positively and negatively- that is good scents and odours respectively, and measured the stimuli to find out how it affected dreams. The study says that those who were exposed to a fouls smell while sleeping, had negative dreams, while those who were exposed to a sweet fragrance reported having positive dreams.

Smells can affect what you dream about
Smells can affect what you dream about

“We were able to stimulate the sleeper with high concentrations of positively and negatively smelling odours and measure if the stimuli were incorporated into the dreams and changed the emotional tone of dreams,” said the study’s lead author.

The research proves that, just as smells can influence emotions while we are awake, smells just as easily affect emotions while we are sleeping to influence dreams. Smell is largely regulated by the limbic system in the brain which is also responsible for controlling emotion and behavior.

How do smells influence dreams?

Olfactory (nasal) stimuli can influence our dreams; another study at the University of Dresden’s Smell and Taste Clinic, led by Professor Thomas Hummel, showed the same results as those of Heidelberg University, that while smelling a sweet smelling flower will not mean dreaming of flowers, rather, the impact of different smells is a positive or negative dream depending on whether it appeals to the person exposed to it or if they find it repulsive.

It is well known that smells can affect the emotional state of a person that is why certain fragrances can cause you to remember a specific person or place, however, the influence of smells on dreams is shows the extent to which scents can influence our emotions.

Smells can affect the emotional state of a person
Smells can affect the emotional state of a person

The subjects of the research were exposed to the chosen smells when they entered the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep, when most dreams are experienced. They were exposed to a dosage of scented air, either foul or sweet, and then woken up a few minutes after to be questioned about what they were dreaming about.

It is important to note that none of the people in the study reported smelling the rose fragrance or the smell of rotten eggs used for the experiment. The studies confirm that smells do not feature in the dreams of those sleeping at all- none of them reported having a dream about smells or tastes.

When exposed to rose flower smells, they all reported having a positive dream while for the foul smell, all reported having a negative dream when exposed to rotten eggs. According to Dr. Stuck, smells influence the emotional direction or content of the dream- what he termed as “emotional colouration”.

This research, presented at the 2008 American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Foundation Annual Meeting was eye opening because it could help us better understand why some people are more prone to nightmares while others rarely have bad dreams. It may just be the window into how people can prevent bad dreams which in chronic cases affects emotional wellbeing and quality of sleep.

The findings further underscore the power of flower extracts for promoting better sleep. You should think more seriously about getting flowering plants for your bedroom to help you sleep and for sweet dreams.

Even though bad dreams have previously been attributed to anxiety and stress, it is possible that the majority of those who have bad dreams may be because of the smells they are exposed to while sleeping. Could it be the smelly clothes in the laundry basket at the corner of your bedroom? The foul smells of dirt utensils wafting into your bedroom from the kitchen?

It is now be clear why flower extracts and oils are recommended and have gained popularity for relaxation and better sleep. Smells are powerful enough to determine what kind of dream you will have! The meditative Eastern cultures must have discovered the secrets long ago, which is why they are always burning sweet incense around them while sleeping.

Flower extracts and oils are recommended
Flower extracts and oils are recommended

The researchers are now working with people who experience nightmares to find out if exposure to certain smells can have a positive influence on their dreams for pleasant imagery instead of the bad kind. This could be a breakthrough in the treatment of those who suffer from bad dreams and nightmares.


So, the next time you wake up in fear and sweaty from a bad dream, remember how smells influence dreams positively or negatively and that the reason for your misery may be in the scents of the air you are breathing while asleep.

Try getting flowering plants for your bedroom or find out which essential oils to avoid for sleep if you are using them. More importantly, before you even think about infusing your surrounding with sweet scents while sleeping, you need to ensure that your environment is clean. Ensure that your clothes, the bedding, carpet, walls etc. are clean and are not stinky otherwise, not matter how much you invest in smells to influence dreams, you will not get much respite. Remember that foul smells tend to overpower the pleasant ones.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that you now realise how powerful smells are.

9 Best Lumbar Support Pillows for Car Drivers: Top Picks and Recommendations

Millions of people are suffering from lower back pain around the world mainly from sitting for long periods while assuming bad posture, whether at the office or while commuting to work. The pain on the lower back, is being diagnosed more and more with drivers, thus why we have written this article of the 9 best lumbar support pillows for car drivers: top picks and recommendations to give you insights on how to deal with it.

As much as it is now well known that a sedentary lifestyle as well as poor sitting posture exposes the spine to long term damage, we still do it. The way you sit matters a lot if you want to lead a healthy pain free life, specifically, if you want to prevent back problems. There are simple precautions that we can take to keep back pain at bay such as sitting up straight, taking breaks to stretch and walk around from your desk or while driving over long distances, and using lumbar support pillows to ensure that your back is in the correct posture.

What is lower/ lumbar back pain?

Before we get to lumbar pain, we need to know what lumbar is. Lumbar is the lower spine or back. Lumbar pain is simply an inflammatory disorder of the lower back which is caused by a combination of factors which include arthritis, fractures on the back, poor lifting habits, and the common cause being poor back posture. The lower back is the lumbar.

There are various ways of dealing with lumbar back pain
There are various ways of dealing with lumbar back pain

There are various ways of dealing with lumbar back pain, however, some of the methods are costly and demanding. Using the right cushions for correct posture is the cheapest and easiest way of dealing with the problem. In this regard, for people who are regular drivers, lumbar support pillows for lower back pain are recommended.

Lumbar cushions will protect your lower back from pain, strain and stress while driving thus preventing lower back pain. These cushions will essentially act as shock absorbers and support your lumbar from any built up pressure because of the soft but firm design.

How about for preventing back pain all together? Lumbar cushions are ideal for preventing the occurrence of the problem in the first place- they will keep your posture erect to relieve pressure and prevent damage and aches.

Types of lumbar pillows for lower back pain

There are various types of lumbar pillows for lower back pain that you can choose from. Here are the two main categorizations:

  • Contoured lumbar pillows- Contour pillows are designed for providing both full back and lower back body contour support.
  • Magnetic lumbar pillows- Magnetic pillows are for those who are already suffering spinal problems. They are compact and portable for spine support.

How lumbar support pillows help with lower back pain

The main way that the pillows prevent or alleviate lumbar pain is by contouring firm support of the spinal column and back muscles for continued lower back support as you sit.

They also offer a soothing, massage like effect on the lower back which eases pressure and stress. This way both those with existing back problems and those who sit for long periods are ensured relaxed lower back muscles and no pain.

Lumbar pillows boost overall lower back wellness by ensuring that the body assumes and stays in the posture to prevent or aggravate damage.

The benefits of lumbar support pillows for car drivers

  • Lumbar support pillows help to ease lower back pain by ensuring correct body support to relieve pressure and pain.
  • They are more affordable compared to other medical procedures for treating and managing lower back pain. It is a one off purchase which will last you a long time and alleviate pain which would otherwise get you back to a doctor’s office.
  • The pillows can be used for multiple uses; in the car, at the office for the office chair or in a plane or bus while travelling. You will not need to buy several pillows.

Features of good lumbar support pillows

Curvature of the pillow

For posture, consider the curvature of the pillow correct back posture and comfort. The curvature of the pillow is probably the most important feature for lumbar support next to the firmness. The pillow should be designed and made to accommodate any chair with a front curve to support the back and a flat back for the chair.

Consider the curvature of the pillow correct back posture and comfort
Consider the curvature of the pillow correct back posture and comfort

Compatibility with the car seat

The lumbar pillow should be compatible with the car seat where it will be used- it should not be too big or too small. The straps should be long enough and should not be too bulky.

Ease of use

The lumbar pillow should be simple and easy to set up and use. You do not want a product that will give to headaches when trying to use. Simple but reliable straps is what you want.

Material used

This is a product that you will use for a long time before replacing, therefore, the material should be comfortable for ease of use and durable so that you do not have to replace it too quickly. Go for high-quality materials and insist on a memory foam pillow that is guaranteed to keep its shape for a long time.

For comfort while driving, especially in hot weather, you need a material that is easy to clean and breathable. It should be easy to clean and should provide good ventilation as well. Breathable materials offer comfort and are hygienically best


Lower back problem does not end when you walk out of your car. Accordingly, the best kind of lumbar pillow should be one that is portable and versatile enough to comfortable use in various places such as in office, in a plane while travelling, in the house, at a restaurant, in a bus while commuting etc. Get one pillow to use in all areas of your life.

Here are our 9 best recommended lumbar support pillows:

1. LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

The LoveHome memory foam lumbar support back cushion is one of the best pillows for dealing with lower back pain, for drivers, on the market. You will get a good long lasting balance of comfort and support for the back. It is easy to secure on the car seat, is easy to adjust while using and can be washed with ease if needed.

The foam used is comfortably firm for great back support. It has been described by users as having the ability to hug the body when in use. It conforms to and supports the normal curve of the back while seated. This is not a pillow to shift about while being used- it stays in place once strapped. It comes with a soft cover which is easily washed. It is a good size to comfortable cater to most sizes and fit most chairs.

2. Everlasting Comfort 100% pure memory foam back cushion

This is a much firmer pillow that is easy to use and clean. The Everlasting Comfort lumbar pillow is durable and will serve you for a long time. It offers good support with more firmness compared to the previous one and is stuffed with soft memory foam.

The two straps ensures that it stays securely in place while in use. It has a mesh cover which can easily be removed for washing to keep it clean.

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3. Tempur-Pedic Lumbar Cushion

This pillow is another good one for the lower back except that it is a bit pricy. It is a premium lumbar pillow which will last longer than most of the others and has a larger profile. Enjoy the support of the firmer memory foam used and the additional height, depth and width and a three-year warranty. The removable cover ensure that is stays clean and offer easy washing.

Enjoy the support of the firmer memory foam used
Enjoy the support of the firmer memory foam used

Tempur-Pedic travel lumbar cushion is great for travelling because of the firm support you will get for lengthened pain relief and lower back support.

4. Elephix Lower Back Support Pillow

If you are one of those people who find sitting for long periods agonizing, get the Elephix lower back support pillow because it will not only support your lower back, nut it will ensure that the whole back is in the right posture and free from pain. This is the pillow that will ensure overall correct back posture.

5. Desky Jockey Back Support Pillow

Desky jockey back support pillow is not limited to office use as the name may conjure. This pillow will shield you from back pain by ensuring that the back is straight- the hips, shoulders and ears will be aligned to maintain a comfortable and painless natural inward curvature of the lumbar.

6. HoMedics Lumbar Cushion Support Pillow

Get therapeutic support and superior lower back comfort with the HoMedics lumbar cushion support pillow. The thermo-sensitive memory foam works to ensure that the pillow contours perfectly to the lower back. The integrated strapping system makes it portable and versatile to use in different places and the pullout cover ensures cleanliness and easy washing.

7. Drive Travel Lumbar Pillow

The Drive Travel lumbar pillow was not FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) certified for nothing. It is the ideal pillow for the driver who is always on the road to ensure that you keep the right posture and keep back problems at bay. It is light and inflatable for adjustment as the user may desire- it can be adjusted by regulating the air content in it.

8. MemorySoft Lumbar Support Pillow

MemorySoft lumbar support pillow is ergonomically designed for total back support while remaining very comfortable. The memory foam will ensure that the pillow support the back of the user and it is made to be adjustable through an elastic snap on strap which is attached to a chair.

9. ComfiLife Lumbar Pillow

If you experience lower back pain after driving for a long time or are in the habit of slouching while seated, get a ComfiLife lumbar pillow. This pillow will give you the back support you need and is comfortable whether it is used in the car, in the office and anywhere else where you will be sitting.

ComfiLife Lumbar Pillow will give you the back support you need
ComfiLife Lumbar Pillow will give you the back support you need

The ergonomic design is meant to provide all day back support and the right posture to help alleviate lower back pain. It is made from high-density memory foam for healthy firmness and will last you for year.


Lumbar support pillows for car drivers are the best remedy for those who want to prevent or alleviate back problems. Back problems are common with those who are advanced in age and is increasingly being diagnosed in younger people because of the sedentary life we live, and poor back posture caused by such things as poor sitting habits like slouching.

Lower back support pillows are recommended for those who sit at their desks for long period s as well as those who spend long period on the road driving. Lower back pain is a serious problem that can turn chronic and prevent one from effectively engaging in many everyday activities and the treatment and management of the problem can be quite expensive.

Lower back support pillows are an affordable solution for the management of back problems since they will ease pressure and strain on the back to ensure relaxed lower back muscles and correct spine posture, to ease pain and prevent damage. Pick your choice from the 9 best lumbar pillow for car drivers.

Lastly, the most important thing to avoid lower back problems is to prevent the occurrence in the first place, or to ensure that you manage the problem well once identified to prevent it from getting worse. Learn the correct habits of sitting, lifting- especially heavy loads, driving etc. If you are a desk worker, take breaks from that chair throughout the day to stretch and walk around.

10 Sleep-Boosting Plants to Have in Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep

Having plants in your bedroom can bring more benefits other than the aesthetics of beauty, colour, and décor that they are used for. Various studies show that keeping plants in your sleeping space will help you to sleep better and is beneficial to your health. We have compiled a list of 10 sleep-boosting plants to have in your bedroom to help you sleep.

Research has shown that some plants will lower your blood pressure and heart rate, relax the senses, reduce stress and lift the mood. Having the right plants in your bedroom will help you to sleep better and improve your health by fighting germs, clearing the air of pollutants and chemicals, regulating humidity by releasing water vapor and even regulating carbon dioxide and oxygen.

The following are the plant you want in your bedroom:

1. Broadleaf Lady Palm

The broadleaf lady palm is a plant ideal for the bedroom because, not only does it release oxygen into the air, but it eliminates toxins from the air such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and xylene.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been referred to as nature’s medicinal plant and is indeed one of the most used plants for medicine and therapy. It is, therefore, not surprising that it is on this list.

Aloe Vera has been referred to as nature’s medicinal plant
Aloe Vera has been referred to as nature’s medicinal plant

Aloe Vera is an air purifier and releases oxygen at night as one sleeps. It will rid the air in your bedroom of unhealthy chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde for a good night’s sleep.

3. Easter Lily

The Easter lily releases a fragrance that is not only sweet smelling but is therapeutic enough to boost better sleep.

4. Gardenia

Gardenia has a robust unmistakable fragrance that will waft all over the space it is in. Crocetin, the active carotenoid compound in gardenia improves sleep quality by acting like mood-enhancing drugs or potent psychotropic drugs leading to better sleep and an enhanced mood.

5. Gerbera Daisy

This daisy will help you sleep better by releasing oxygen in your bedroom for better sleep and energy throughout the night throughout the night.

6. Jasmine

Jasmine improves sleep by decreasing anxiety and boosting one’s attitude and uplifting mood upon waking up. This plant has also been confirmed to help with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress.

Jasmine improves sleep by decreasing anxiety
Jasmine improves sleep by decreasing anxiety

By calming mood and alleviating stress, this is the right plant to help you sleep better and for promoting sufficient sleep. Inhaling the scent of jasmine leads to less disturbance and distractions while sleeping.

7. Lavender

Lavender is best known for reducing anxiety and boosting sleep because it can lower stress levels, lower blood pressure and slow down the heart rate.

Research by the National Sleep Foundation indicates that lavender makes the body relax by lowering blood pressure and the heart rate. Lavender lowers cortisol levels to suppress stress and thus enhances better circulation of blood for physical and mental relaxation to boost mood and reduce anxiety.

8. Peace Lily

The peace lily is another highly recommended plant to have in your bedroom to help with sleep because it reduces the levels of indoor air pollutants by absorbing them from the air.

9. Snake Plant

Do not let the name scare you. This plant has nothing to do with snakes except for the snake-like patterns on it.

The snake plant is a natural purifier of air and emits oxygen at night. This plant will filter the air in your bedroom to get rid of toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene etc. which can cause respiratory problems.

10. Spider Plant

A study by NASA showed that spider plants can eliminate up to 90% of the potentially carcinogenic chemical, formaldehyde from the air and is an active indoor air detoxifier. It is a good absorbent of fumes and odors and regulates oxygen levels for better sleep.

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Why plants in your bedroom will help you to sleep better

  • Improvement of air quality

Naturally, plants play a critical role in cleaning the air around us through the absorption of toxins in the air. Additionally, plants are great at regulating the humidity levels in the air.

Plants play a critical role in cleaning the air around us
Plants play a critical role in cleaning the air around us
  • Noise reduction

To sleep well, you will require a bedroom that is silent so that your sleep is not interrupted by unnecessary noise. Plants can help you achieve a quiet space and reduce any unwanted noise within your bedroom.

The leaves of plants can muffle unwanted sounds to help keep the noise levels in your bedroom down. Plants can muffle up to five decibels of unwanted sound.

  • Mental relaxation

Plants generally have a calming effect. However, in addition to the calming effect, plants recommended for the bedroom also release fragrances and natural chemicals which help to relax the mind and enable you to sleep well.

  • Allergy prevention

Through the power to clean and absorb unwanted toxins in the air, plants can effectively prevent allergies especially for those suffering from respiratory ailments like asthma.

  • Insomnia fighting properties

The plants recommended here have insomnia fighting properties to ward off many sleeping problems. There plants release some chemicals to condition the body for sleep and fight insomnia.

This is our compilation of 10 plants sleep-boosting plants to have in your bedroom to help you sleep. These are the natural alternatives to many of the essential oils recommended for better sleep.

Get more information here:

9 Best Flowers to Help You Fall Asleep 

Difficulty sleeping or lack of sleep has become a common problem for many people- many people are waking up feeling tired from lack of sufficient quality sleep and feel wide awake when they tuck in for the night. To this end, there are several attempts at solutions for the ever-growing sleep problems, both medical and alternative. Let us look at the 9 best flowers to help you fall asleep.

The rise in sleep problems is generally a result of the busy modern lives we lead today and the electronic gadgets we have which tends to destabilize the body’s natural sleep schedule. We are working very long hours and waking up early which means we deny out body the natural balance and time needed for healthy sufficient sleep needed.

Flowers are a great natural alternative for those with problems sleeping or falling asleep. The side effects of conventional medicine is driving more people to seek alternative remedies to help them deal with sleep problems and flowers are among the best natural remedies to deal with sleep issues.

Flowers to help you fall asleep

It is a well-known fact that flowers, much like the plants they sprout from, purify the air around us and release pleasant fragrances in the air for freshness. Flowers carry natural constituents with the ability to fight stress and anxiety to enable one to fall asleep. In a previous article, we looked at flower essences for insomnia, which are essentially flower extracts used for dealing with insomnia.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known to man thus the popularity of chamomile tea! Several scientific studies have confirmed the soporific effects of dried chamomile flowers. This flower is has a calming effect- it will relax you and quickly give you a drowsy feeling to help you fall asleep. Take a cup of chamomile tea before bed to enjoy the sleep benefits of this flower.

Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs
Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs

2. Gerbera daisies

Gerbera daisies are colorful and are also soporific. This flower is especially great in aiding to sleep or enhancing sleep quality for those suffering from allergies or sleep apnea. The flower releases oxygen during the night, which elevates the oxygen level in the air you breathe in your body for relaxation and better sleep.

3. Gardenia

Get a pot of gardenias for your bedroom and enjoy the beautiful scent as well as the sedative like sleep-inducing properties it carries. Some studies have suggested that the gardenia could be as effective at fending anxiety and getting people to sleep as valium.

4. Jasmine

There are various types of jasmine flower such as pink jasmine and rose which have shown the ability to aid people to sleep. Researchers at Wheeling Jesuit University found out that participants exposed to the scent of jasmine had better quality sleep and experienced less movement.

Get this flower for your bedroom and enjoy the sleep-aiding benefits of jasmine fragrance as you sleep. The flower is not only beautiful but the scent wafting in your room while you sleep helps you to get better quality sleep.

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5. Lavender

There is no doubt that lavender is a sweet smelling flower, which is why it is used as a base scent for air fresheners and washing detergents. However, studies also credit this purple flower with the ability to calm people down and get them relaxed. The calming and relaxing effect is what people who have difficulty falling asleep need for quality sleep.

6. Passionflower

The passion fruit smells good, and so does the flower. However, it is the herbal content of the flower that is of great value to those with sleep issues.

Passionflower has chemical properties to regulate anxiety and sleep disorders and is best taken as a drink before bed. Get dried passion flower and prepare a sleep-inducing beverage every night as you prepare to go to bed.

7. Sanseveria

Sanseveria is another flower for those who need alternative natural remedies to help them fall asleep. This flower purifies the air and releases oxygen during the night for improved oxygen intake and relaxation as you sleep.

Sanseveria is another flower for those who need alternative natural remedies
Sanseveria is another flower for those who need alternative natural remedies

8. Spatifilum

The spatifilum flower requires a lot of light and brightness to blossom. It is a great addition to the bedroom of those who are constantly tossing and turning in bed because it will purify the air in your room and release oxygen for you to breathe. Clean air and more oxygen means that one who suffers from allergies, respiratory problems or sleep issues like apnea are able to get more oxygen in their bodies for to sleep better and to maximize rest.

9. Valerian

Valerian is a natural sedative which is often recommended for those dealing with sleep anxiety and insomnia. The white valerian flower emits a scent that is good for the bedroom of one who has problems falling asleep, however, it is the root which carries the bulk of the sleep inducing properties. Drink valerian tea before bed to prepare you and calm you down to fall asleep easily when you go to bed.


Much like plants for your bedroom to help you sleep, flowers will help with sleep problems. Flowers to help you fall asleep emit fragrances to calm and relax, purify the air and release oxygen for better sleeping conditions.

In most cases, however, you will have to use dried flowers as a drink to help you fall asleep. The benefits of using flowers as sleep remedies are numerous; flowers are natural and generally have no adverse side effects to worry about. Flowers will help you to fall asleep easily and gently as compared to most pharmaceutical drugs on the market.

If you are experiencing sleep problems, start using any of these 9 best flowers to help you fall asleep. Get more info here

9 Best Flower Essences for Insomnia

Insomnia is a complicated sleeping problem that can easily lead to dependency on pharmaceutical sleep-inducing medications. The side effects are another problem for many insomnia patients which affects general health and wellbeing. Flower essences for insomnia is one of the most recommended natural remedies for insomnia– here are 9 best flower essences for insomnia.

Flower essences are basically natural extracts which heal by targeting and restoring the body’s energy system to its natural balance. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs flower essences work by boosting emotional well-being by eliminating and fending off stress that affects emotional energy and prevents a healthy energy balance.

For flower essences to be effective, it requires that the essence is taken regularly, several times a day so that one is readily induced to sleep at bedtime.

Since they work by balancing the emotional state of a person, flower essences are useless if taken at bedtime. They are not directly sleep inducing nor are they sedatives – flower essences work by transforming a negative emotional state which interfere with sleep patterns or transform sleep, positively.

Flower essences work by transforming a negative emotional state
Flower essences work by transforming a negative emotional state

Flower essences are not a universal cure, rather, one or a combination target a specific stress trigger such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Excitability and tension
  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Hyperactive adrenal glands
  • Jet lag
  • Mental chatter
  • Nightmares and night terrors
  • Obsessive thoughts that keep one awake
  • Stress
  • Worry

Much like essential oils for sleep, flower essences have no adverse effects and are safe for the body and cannot interfere with other medications. Flower essences are totally safe with no side effects, and can be taken by anybody at any time. They do not interfere with medications.

Here are our recommended 9 best flower essences for insomnia:

1. Cherry Plum

The Cherry Plum is the flower essence for relaxation and release because it has the ability to balance and restore the body’s physical-emotional system so that one is able to sleep easily and sufficiently. Insomnia is often the inability to transition from the active-alert state to a relaxed state where one will readily fall asleep.

2. Impatiens

The Impatiens is the flower essence for dealing with tension. This flower essence corrects energy imbalance related to anxiety when one cannot sleep. Lack of sleep leads to nervousness and restlessness in bed and creates stress and tension. This is the flower essence for those dealing with sleep anxiety and stress to relieve you of mental tension.

The Impatiens is the flower essence for dealing with tension
The Impatiens is the flower essence for dealing with tension

3. Aspen

Sometimes lack of sleep can be caused by unexplained anxiety or fear of the unknown- when you have a feeling that things are not quite right but you can’t quite put a finger on the problem. If you are one of those people who is faced with an overwhelming sense of concern every night you tuck yourself in bed, get some aspen essence to settle your mind and put insomnia at bay.

4. White chestnut

The White Chestnut is the flower essence for calming the mind to get you to sleep. This flower essence is the best for getting rid of unwanted thoughts and for calming the mind. Raving persistent thoughts at sleep time is a top trigger for insomnia.

Incessant thoughts have a way of keeping the mind in a hyperactive state and keeping you from falling asleep. Use the essence of white chestnut to keep the mind calm

5. Morning glory

The morning glory flower essence is the remedy for correcting a displaced or interrupted circadian rhythm. Sleep-wake schedule disruption is a cause of insomnia. When one stays awake at night and only manages to fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning, this is the right flower essence to restore a disrupted natural sleep cycle.

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6. Sweet chestnut

If you are one of those who are faced with feelings of danger and helplessness every night, the sweet chestnut is the flower essence to get you out of it. If you feel alone without any support or anyone to rely on, this flower essence will restore your confidence and drive out the feelings of fear and helplessness that affect you. Get back the feeling of self-trust and security to help you relax and allow you to sleep.

7. Vervain

Sleep and hyperactivity do not go together. If you are over-active, you will find it difficult to fall asleep because of both the excitement and tension that it causes. Vervain flower essence is good for slowing the mind from being hyperactivity which will allow you to sleep much faster and better.

Vervain flower essence is good for slowing the mind from being hyperactivity
Vervain flower essence is good for slowing the mind from being hyperactivity

8. Red chestnut

The red chestnut flower essence is the sleep remedy for those who stay up worrying about other people’s problems thus not getting enough sleep or sleeping at all. It is pacifying and will induce relaxation for the mind more readily without leaving you uncompassionate.

9. Mimulus

Mimulus flower essence helps to manage anxiety that keeps people from falling asleep. It will keep your mind leveled and calm so that one can sleep much more easily.


Insomnia is caused by emotional imbalance triggered by anxiety, stress, trauma, worry or any other emotional upheavals. Different flower essences act to correct different emotional imbalances- there is not one cure for all. However, you can be sure that if they are used correctly, these 9 best flower essences for insomnia will get you emotionally balanced to sleep well.

Flower essences for insomnia can restore the body’s natural ability to be calm and relaxed so that one has the effortless ability to fall into deep and restful sleep. A balanced energy system is critical for health and well-being, for mental calm and peace which is required for healthy sleep.

If you are suffering from insomnia or have a problem falling asleep, flower essences for insomnia may just be the solution you need to get you sleeping soundly. Besides, you will get the benefit of a better emotional state for better health and overall wellbeing.

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5 Essential Oils to Avoid for Sleep

As people seek remedies for problems like mental fatigue and stress, as well as problems with sleep, alternative remedies are increasingly being demanded and recommended for treatments. Essential oils are especially used by and recommended for those dealing with sleep problems such as insomnia or sleep anxiety. However, as much as some essentials oils help with sleep, this article looks at 5 essential oils to avoid for sleep.

Sleep is a basic need for one to function optimally- it is necessary for one to be productive, for general health and wellbeing, for the body’s rejuvenation, as well as mental and physical rest. It is for this reason that many people are seeking ways to help them enjoy better sleep.

Since people are more health conscious about the side effects of conventional drugs, especially when it comes to treating sleep problems, there has been a rise in demand for alternative remedies with essential oils emerging among the most sought after.

Remedies for problems like mental fatigue and stressRemedies for problems like mental fatigue and stress
Remedies for problems like mental fatigue and stress

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural concentrated oils from plants used for their medicinal and therapeutic properties and well as for their sweet scents in balms, soaps, perfumes, soaps, oils, and lotions etc. These oils are referred to as essential oils because the oils are the essence of the plant’s scent.

As a sleeping aid, essential oils are recommended because of their healing properties as well as their ability to calm and relax the mind, which is essential for falling and staying asleep. An active mind cannot sleep. The medicinal, relaxing and therapeutic powers of essential oils have been harnessed for centuries as sleeping aids for both adults and babies, for managing anxiety and insomnia and for sleep apnea relief.

Benefits of essential oils

  • Essential oils can improve the quality of sleep one has and can also provide relief for disrupted sleep.
  • They help relieve anxiety and stress which are the main hindrance to deep restful sleep, which can help to boost sleep.
  • Depression is a major cause reason why so many people cannot sleep at all or sleep well. Essential oils have been shown to deal with depression and depressive symptoms. This has been found to work in both cases where there is depression and anxiety and depression alone.
  • Post-partum women who are dealing with anxiety and depression can also find relief in essential oils aromatherapy to reduce stress and the symptoms of depression.

How essential oils work

Essential oils work by influencing the brain area responsible for emotion and memory- the limbic system. The sense of smell is connected to this area of the brain; olfactory cells pick up smells and relay the information to this part of the brain via the olfactory nerve. This is the process by which the essential oils can influence the emotions to be calm and relaxed, by either evoking fond memories or through the effects of the constituent healing and therapeutic properties.

This process is commonly achieved through aromatherapy, where the essential oils are diffused and delivered to the body and brain in the air we breathe. Aromatherapy, a very old practice has in recent decades regained popularity for is healing and soothing effects which are mood-regulating, stress-relieving, sleep-promoting, and pain-reducing.

Essential oils work by influencing the brain area responsible for emotion
Essential oils work by influencing the brain area responsible for emotion

Essential oils to avoid for sleep

As much as aromatherapy is good for the body, when it comes to essential oils for helping you sleep, not all of them are recommended. Some essential oils will get you relaxed and sleepy while others will do the opposite- they will make you alert and energetic. The latter essential oils are to be avoided close to or at bedtime because if you are exposed to them, you are unlikely to fall asleep fast and some people will be lucky to get any sleep at all.

1. Citrus essential oil

Any essential oil from a citrus plant is not good for sleep because they will get you mentally alert and energetic instead of inducing drowsiness for sleep. Oils from grapefruit, lemon, orange and any other citrus fruit are ultra-energizing for the mind and should be avoided before bed as much as they smell so delicious. This group of essential oils is good for fending off anxiety and for driving out fatigue, thus the effect of being energized as opposed to encouraging sleep.

2. Ginger essential oil

Ginger is a natural stimulant of the body and mind and will invigorate your senses and boost your energy as opposed to relaxing you. Avoid ginger oils if you want to sleep fast and deeply.

3. Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is an energy booster that will pep you up instead of mellowing you and should not be used for sleep. Peppermint is commonly used in balms and respiratory decongesters, as a muscle and pain reliever and for opening up airways respectively- anyone who has used these products knows that they cannot be sleep after using peppermint.

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4. Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil acts the same way as the peppermint- it refreshes the mind to clear mental fatigue, cools and stimulates the body. Accordingly, this is not the right essential oil for the calmness one needs to fall asleep.

Eucalyptus essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Do not use rosemary essential oil for sleep because it is a brain tonic which will energize the brain instead of getting it to slumber. It is suitable for refreshing the mind and cutting mental fatigue. Use it for mental and physical energy instead.

How to best use essential oils for sleep

  • A hot bath or water aromatherapy is another excellent option for using essential oils. Add a few drops of the oil into the hot or warm bath water and inhale it as you wash and soak in a bathtub. In addition to the relaxing effect of a warm bath, the oils will relax your mind for good sleep.
  • Diffusing the essential oils into the air is the most used methods; get an essential oil diffuser and then add a few drops of the essential oil. Do this in your bedroom, preferably close to your bed for the best results. Breathe in the oil and enjoy the calming and relaxing effect throughout the night.
  • Just like you would do with balms or ointments, applying essential oils topically works well. Apply to the back of the neck and the soles of the feet before you jump into bed.

Final thoughts…

Essential oils have so many benefits- use them to help you sleep well through the night if you have sleep problems and even if you do not. The medicinal properties are useful for general health and wellbeing as well as for mental and physical relaxation.

Just like flower essences for sleep, benefit from the sweets aromas these oils emit and sleep soundly every night. Their health benefits have been exploited for hundreds of years all over the world and scientific studies and research have backed up their health and therapeutic effectiveness.

We hope you enjoyed the article and you should now know the 5 essential oils to avoid for sleep. Get more insights on essential oils here

Best Essential Oils To Try For Sleep

It’s such a tough day when a feeling of grogginess and restlessness is your morning kick-off right? We all have those days we just couldn’t sleep due to stress from work or family issues. The best essential oils to try for sleep is the ultimate question for you.

What are essential oils? How do they affect my sleep schedule?

Essential Oils To Try For Sleep
Essential Oils To Try For Sleep

Let me elaborate. Essential oils are just natural obtained oils purely extracted from a plant or another source to serve specific therapeutic benefits and for our case, to deal with your sleeping problems. Interesting right? Now buckle up and we shall elaborate on all the amazing facts on benefits and the best-recommended samples of this essential oils for our better night sleep.

For decades now, use of natural oils for health purposes due to their calming nature, releasing stress and solving sleeping disorders has been on the lead. We all agree that life with all the expenses, medical bills are very expensive and in addition, natural oils are safe compared to this conventional medication with numerous side effects.

Born from the extraction of various parts of flowers, barks, roots peels and resin, natural oils have powerful health advantages that ascertain a perfect night rest. The process is even quite easy for anyone with a homemade idea for natural oil extraction.

Through steaming the collected compounds, it extracts the oils and distilling the solution, it separates the essential oil solution from the water. This extracted oil comes in several forms and using your preferred essential oil diffusers. You set your perfect sleep environment. Frequent use of this essential oils fulfills your sleep miracle and ideally improves the quality of your sleep. A perfect solution for insomnia.

It is funny how we underestimate the power of essential oils forgetting that they are responsible for hormonal balancing that deals with moods and depression, boost immunity and fight infections, and most importantly, support digestion to enhance relaxation.

Without adequate rest of the brain through enough sleep, maintaining focus and being alert will be quite impossible. Long periods of sleep deprivation are detrimental to your health and cause severe headaches or migraines. The good news is, those days of taking pills are gone, Amazon reviews prove the remarkable benefits of essential oils. Sleeping pills are a no good option.

Benefits of essential oils

Apart from the fact that it reduces the rate of your blood pressure giving you a relaxing calming effect, sleeping problems do not end there. Have you ever found yourself doing alter abnormal things mostly after a few days of inadequate sleep?

I am sure we all have, confusion arousal disorder is one of the most noticeable problems of sleep deprivation. A fair warning that we should adjust our sleeping schedule. Essential oils are the perfect suit for this problem. They ensure a complete cycle of sleep for you and this prevents grogginess. Use of essential oil diffusers to moisten your bedroom environment while you sleep might just be the ideal solution for your sleep drunkardness. Not to mention, just like me, you may be a strong believer in nature and her organic products.

Did you know that hormonal imbalance affects the quality of your sleep? The remarkable relaxing feeling given by Essential oils help regulate important hormone levels in your body. This elevates your moods, reduces symptoms of depression and most importantly, deal with the menopausal decline of estrogen in women and increase libido in males. Wow! I bet you had no idea about that right? And there’s more.

Essential oils have healthy chemical properties that have the potential to fight infections and boost your immune system. In such a world where we are prone to bacterial and fungal infections just to mention. Essential oils have the power to treat common infections in a safer way.

You must have had stomach upsets, diarrhea and stomach spasms. We tend to use conventional drugs to relieve the pain. Essential oils are a real big deal. They stimulate digestive enzymes that ease digestion and ease stomach upsets.

Improve cognitive performance-Adequate supply of oxygen to the brains leaves you feeling refreshed, energized and more focused. Some essential oils boost your energy through their stimulating effects. Increasing your athletic performance and improve brain function.

You may be wondering, what is the best essential oil brand? Now that you are enlightened on how to get a perfect night sleep. I will show you. The best brand there could be to suit our economic status and levels. All with an assurance of magnificent results. Amazon shopping platform results in this oils show the various variations in standard and product selection and even better makes the purchased product extremely easy to use.

Top 5 best essential oils for sleep reviews

Best Essential Oils For Sleep
Best Essential Oils For Sleep

Blends lavender Essential oil

Blends lavender Essential oil

this product constitutes 6 oil blends that are mixed together to perform various functions such as relieving headaches, muscle aches, good sleep, health protection, stress relief, and breath blend. Previous users recommend them for their effectiveness and good smell.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

It has been considered the best quality essential oil in Australia. It is highly effective in its functions and a small amount of the product does miracles. However, this oil is relatively expensive but its effectiveness justifies its price.

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential oil

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential oil

This has been described as a good relaxer and massage oil. It can be added to a diffuser and it comes in a huge bottle which means that it is contentious. Its price is also relatively high.

Sandalwood Pure Essential oil

Sandalwood Pure Essential oil

It comes with a unique fantastic scent and most of its users recommend it for its effectiveness as an aromatherapy as well as its unique fragrance concentration.

Fabulous Frannie Vanilla Essential oil

Fabulous Frannie Vanilla Essential oil

It is commonly packed in 10ml bottles and it is most appealing to those people who love sweet and mild scents. The plant therapy essential oil has been criticized for staining clothes but the Aura Cacia has been recommended by most of its users.


Sleeping disorders are not as common but still, we suffer from side effects caused by sleeping pills. Whether placed under your pillow or used with an essential oil disbursing gadget, the result is remarkable. These essential oils have a combination of compounds that reduce blood pressure, reduce nervousness by calming effect just to mention. Ideally helpful for individuals with depression or sleeping problems. In a nutshell, this oils weaken certain bacteria and soothe feelings of anxiety, right? They are as well powerful for perfect quality sleep.

It is ideally important that when applying the oil, it is advisable to dilute your essential oils with carrier oils. Undiluted oils cause irritation to the skin. Despite the need for natural methods since they are safe. You should be hyper aware of the dangers and repercussions associated with poor quality oils and even wrong use. Purity is more of an issue when it comes to your health. In the right quality and amount, you could leave a few drops under the pillow add the oil to a diffuser so that it releases the fragrance for a peaceful night sleep that leaves you rejuvenated the next morning. The less sleep you have the less productive you are.