9 Best Flower Essences for Insomnia

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Insomnia is a complicated sleeping problem that can easily lead to dependency on pharmaceutical sleep-inducing medications. The side effects are another problem for many insomnia patients which affects general health and wellbeing. Flower essences for insomnia is one of the most recommended natural remedies for insomnia– here are 9 best flower essences for insomnia.

Flower essences are basically natural extracts which heal by targeting and restoring the body’s energy system to its natural balance. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs flower essences work by boosting emotional well-being by eliminating and fending off stress that affects emotional energy and prevents a healthy energy balance.

For flower essences to be effective, it requires that the essence is taken regularly, several times a day so that one is readily induced to sleep at bedtime.

Since they work by balancing the emotional state of a person, flower essences are useless if taken at bedtime. They are not directly sleep inducing nor are they sedatives – flower essences work by transforming a negative emotional state which interfere with sleep patterns or transform sleep, positively.

Flower essences work by transforming a negative emotional state
Flower essences work by transforming a negative emotional state

Flower essences are not a universal cure, rather, one or a combination target a specific stress trigger such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Excitability and tension
  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Hyperactive adrenal glands
  • Jet lag
  • Mental chatter
  • Nightmares and night terrors
  • Obsessive thoughts that keep one awake
  • Stress
  • Worry

Much like essential oils for sleep, flower essences have no adverse effects and are safe for the body and cannot interfere with other medications. Flower essences are totally safe with no side effects, and can be taken by anybody at any time. They do not interfere with medications.

Here are our recommended 9 best flower essences for insomnia:

1. Cherry Plum

The Cherry Plum is the flower essence for relaxation and release because it has the ability to balance and restore the body’s physical-emotional system so that one is able to sleep easily and sufficiently. Insomnia is often the inability to transition from the active-alert state to a relaxed state where one will readily fall asleep.

2. Impatiens

The Impatiens is the flower essence for dealing with tension. This flower essence corrects energy imbalance related to anxiety when one cannot sleep. Lack of sleep leads to nervousness and restlessness in bed and creates stress and tension. This is the flower essence for those dealing with sleep anxiety and stress to relieve you of mental tension.

The Impatiens is the flower essence for dealing with tension
The Impatiens is the flower essence for dealing with tension

3. Aspen

Sometimes lack of sleep can be caused by unexplained anxiety or fear of the unknown- when you have a feeling that things are not quite right but you can’t quite put a finger on the problem. If you are one of those people who is faced with an overwhelming sense of concern every night you tuck yourself in bed, get some aspen essence to settle your mind and put insomnia at bay.

4. White chestnut

The White Chestnut is the flower essence for calming the mind to get you to sleep. This flower essence is the best for getting rid of unwanted thoughts and for calming the mind. Raving persistent thoughts at sleep time is a top trigger for insomnia.

Incessant thoughts have a way of keeping the mind in a hyperactive state and keeping you from falling asleep. Use the essence of white chestnut to keep the mind calm

5. Morning glory

The morning glory flower essence is the remedy for correcting a displaced or interrupted circadian rhythm. Sleep-wake schedule disruption is a cause of insomnia. When one stays awake at night and only manages to fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning, this is the right flower essence to restore a disrupted natural sleep cycle.

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6. Sweet chestnut

If you are one of those who are faced with feelings of danger and helplessness every night, the sweet chestnut is the flower essence to get you out of it. If you feel alone without any support or anyone to rely on, this flower essence will restore your confidence and drive out the feelings of fear and helplessness that affect you. Get back the feeling of self-trust and security to help you relax and allow you to sleep.

7. Vervain

Sleep and hyperactivity do not go together. If you are over-active, you will find it difficult to fall asleep because of both the excitement and tension that it causes. Vervain flower essence is good for slowing the mind from being hyperactivity which will allow you to sleep much faster and better.

Vervain flower essence is good for slowing the mind from being hyperactivity
Vervain flower essence is good for slowing the mind from being hyperactivity

8. Red chestnut

The red chestnut flower essence is the sleep remedy for those who stay up worrying about other people’s problems thus not getting enough sleep or sleeping at all. It is pacifying and will induce relaxation for the mind more readily without leaving you uncompassionate.

9. Mimulus

Mimulus flower essence helps to manage anxiety that keeps people from falling asleep. It will keep your mind leveled and calm so that one can sleep much more easily.


Insomnia is caused by emotional imbalance triggered by anxiety, stress, trauma, worry or any other emotional upheavals. Different flower essences act to correct different emotional imbalances- there is not one cure for all. However, you can be sure that if they are used correctly, these 9 best flower essences for insomnia will get you emotionally balanced to sleep well.

Flower essences for insomnia can restore the body’s natural ability to be calm and relaxed so that one has the effortless ability to fall into deep and restful sleep. A balanced energy system is critical for health and well-being, for mental calm and peace which is required for healthy sleep.

If you are suffering from insomnia or have a problem falling asleep, flower essences for insomnia may just be the solution you need to get you sleeping soundly. Besides, you will get the benefit of a better emotional state for better health and overall wellbeing.

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